Target Pathology Laboratory has had an outstanding journey in the last 3 decades of its existence. It has evolved and grown in standards in that time as well. The journey started with Dr Peter M. Atkinson in 1993.Atkinson Pathology Laboratory was born out of Dr Atkinson’s entrepreneurial zeal to set up a pathology laboratory that will compete with the two main private laboratories in South Africa at that time. He wanted a laboratory that will eliminate the bureaucratic bottlenecks that burdened the main private laboratories.
He has worked for one of those laboratories as a business manager/business director for over15 years before resigning to start Atkinson Lab.
In January 2007, with the arrival of new shareholders, the laboratory went through a robust overhaul, which included a rebranding phase and an operational re-engineering phase. Francis

Ike Igbo partnered with Dr Peter Mason Atkinson in January 2007, a move that saw the company adopting a new trading name change from atkinson Pathology Laboratory to Target Pathology Laboratory.

Situated at 15 Raleigh Street in Yeoville, Johannesburg back then. This made Target Laboratory a BEE company.
In 2013 the laboratory acquired their own building in Park town to serve as its main central laboratory and head office. However, due to rapid growth and increasing staff complement the company had to move again in September 2013 from Parktown to the current location in  Booysen, Johannesburg to adequately accommodate the growing staff growing complement.


Our Vision is to become the preferred service provider and collaborator, partner in optimum laboratory medicine in any country we are established. We strive to provide our clients with fast, accurate, reliable and cost-effective results.



The establishment and use of standard operating procedures (SOP) in line with our Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with various standard organizations in the pathology industry, has ensured that we are consistent in the processing of samples and delivering accurate diagnostic services to the medical practitioners and various other clients.  The use of SOPs is applied in every department (from janitorial to senior management) in order to instill this consistency approach in every member of the team.


Increased in labour productivity have historically been the most important source of real growth. Therefore,  to us it’s all about people. We believe that our team is the key to the growth of the business.


Target pathology laboratories provide a wide range of pathology services through our several laboratories. The drive to continually improve the quality  of our laboratory service. The management emphasises the drive toward accreditation by more than one accreditation authorities.


TPL Values and respect its employees, this is done in order for them to translate the same respect to our clients. We strive to foster unity of purpose and communication between our employees. We found this to be an important in an effort to provide great customer service. Our team at all levels from the front line marketing team, phlebotomist, Courier services all strive to provide a memorable laboratory medicine experience.



We focus on being excellent in everything we do.


We do our work with intense enthusiasm and compelling desire to excel.


We consistently strive to encourage a culture of honesty and strong moral principles in our staff.

Pro- active

Our service delivery always strives to be ahead of the game.


Our comprehensive quality Management system (QMS) with regards to laboratory performances assure accurate and reliable results through regular and systematic surveillance of all key component to our activities, inclusive of training, instrumentation, logistics and management. Our laboratories participate fully in relevant national and international quality control programs for all tests offered. In accordance with the very sensitive nature of patient care and confidentiality.
We adhere to strict protocols governing patient identification in our laboratories. Our Services also comply with all relevant laboratory standard organization specifications, to ensure that test requests are properly executed. In line with the motto Fast Accurate and reliable, quality control is a major part of our operation and process development.    


Our goal is to develop an international laboratory network that will add value for all the stakeholders by delivering a comprehensive quality, pathology service that is fast, accurate, reliable and cost effective even to the most remote part of the country. To achieve this TPL constantly strive towards improving the benchmark for Excellence in pathology.

TPL has established and pursuing two (2) main objectives.

The first objective is to constantly remain fast accurate and reliable in our service delivery.

The second objective is to position the company to consistently remain profitable especially in the long term  while observing all the mandatory regulations that govern the pathology industry.



  1. Chemical Pathology
  2. Endocrinology
  3. Heamatology
  4.  Cytology
  5. Histopalogy
  6.  Immunology
  7. Serology
  8.  Microbilogy
  9.  Virology


  •  Andrology and Fertility Testing
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Paternity Testing only


  •  Point of Care Testing

  • Research and Development



It ought to be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to handle, more doubtful of success and more dangerous to implement than to take leads in the introduction of a new order of things. We emphasize on the importance of flexibility and change.



WHAT is our beach? WHAT will move our needle?


HOW much more can our sponge absorb? HOW red are our risk?


WHO is our spine? WHO is our coach?


Target Pathology Laboratory is the first laboratory in Africa to develop its own software program. Developed by our founder the late Dr Peter Atkinson and our IT team. He christened it the LAB-MAN because it essentially helps in efficient laboratory management.
It is utilized from patient data entry by laboratory pre-analytical services (LPS) and has a bidirectional communication function of patient data between LPS to the analyzer and employs a unidirectional communication to the clients (doctor or patient). The system as a sophisticated computer network together with a software application to manage clinical pathology (quality control and patient reports) as well as finance. The system can be utilized anywhere in the world and its more cost effective than the system being offered by other suppliers and developers. Consequently, we are able to focus on our primary aim of delivering consistent accurate and reliable results to our widely diversified client base.

Referring doctors are able to access their patients result directly from our database, via a phone application and website. In addition, results are automatically sent to doctors via email and SMS upon vetting and released by the pathologists. This is a system that has been perfected and yielded groundbreaking acceptance when deployed online. 

  All our results are available on applications (android and OIS), internet, Email and SMS. The LABMAN software is available to all clients on requests brings pathology to the desktop of our clients. Critical and abnormal results alert are sent out to doctors and calls are being made as a follow up bring clinicians up to speed on patient’s care.